My first travels to Tanzania were in 1999 and never did I imagine that I would return to the country in 2012 to lead a group of American students on a five month study abroad program. As with many of my adventures in anthropology, this one too has led me to embark on a new journey, for my interactions with Tanzanians have brought me back to my home away from home, South Africa.


In 2013, with my experiences in Tanzania in mind, I began a new project in South Africa that focused on the livelihoods of migrant Tanzanian women attempting to make a living as beauty salon hairdressers. What started out as a small writing project for the Mail & Guardian Newspaper has developed into a larger research trajectory, one in which I aim to understand the transnational flows of capital -- including the politics of marriage, citizenship, and debt patronage -- between Eastern and Southern Africa. This research has brought me into close contact with an array of East Africans living in South Africa and is a project that I aim to expand on in Botswana where I will be directing another ACM study abroad program (on the topic of Health and Development in Southern Africa) in the spring semester of 2016. I'm excited to share this opportunity with students too!